AV   Creations   is   an   all-purpose   media   production   company   founded   by Marc   Salvatore.      Although   often   collaborating   with   others,   Marc   is   an experienced   director   of   photography,   cameraman,   audio   technician,   and video   editor.   Capable   of   handling   many   different   kinds   of   assignments for his clients, he is also an accomplished still photographer.
A   consummate   professional   who   knows   how   to   keep   budgets   within   a   sensible   range,   Marc   has   been producing high quality media productions both locally and nationally for nearly 20 years. From   corporate   training   videos   and   documentary   shorts   to   non-profit   promotional/fundraising   videos and   still   photography,   you   can   be   sure   that   your   project   will   receive   the   personal   attention   required   to meet   your   specific   needs   and   goals.   Marc's   ability   to   communicate   essential   information   in   a   way   that touches   hearts   and   minds   has   allowed   him   to   work   with   a   broad   range   of   client   interests   and   project requirements.